As the one of the most important electric skateboard parts,the electric skateboard wheel which means “the wings to bird”,coming with different size,shape and materials,also with Unique features of their own.
Compare with normal skateboard wheel,the eboard’s wheel normally which are larger, It has better passability and wear resistance.To choose the suitable wheel also depend on road conditions ,or how fast you prefer to ride.Basicly to ride through city,the PU wheel will be excellent choice.To across the sand,glass or gravel ,the all terrain wheel will be the one option to you. But for now we may have some batter selections which make the both functions roll into one.
I have a Boosted Stealth and I had roughly test them.In no particular order,let’s look at some of the best electric skateboard wheels on the market.


1.Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels

The orangetang caguama wheel which is designed for maximum speed,comfort,and momentum for longboard.The size which is 85*58.5mm,durometer is 77a,80a or 83a optional.
Strong points :
I think orangatang wheel which can be the most pretty design on the surface of wheel,from different models from them,they will always surprised us from outlookings,whether from logo design or details design.This might be the reason that attact people’s eyes and popular in the market.
Also speak to the core of this one,which can mount with boosted boards perfectly and due to it,most of boosted rider will choose it to be an upgrade wheel.By the way,some Chinese brand board also made the same wheel core to their board,and clearly this may become a trend in the future.
Disadvantages :
For now it is too common to compare with other wheels which in this list.85mm size and optional handness of wheel which is mainstream,but not attractive enough.It is enough to use for daily riding across the city,but only so.
Also to the core,it may just suit for boosted board and other brands,for now it is very limited.
Real test date of mine :
Higher top speed (Compare with normal size of wheel) – 5%
Less range (Compare with normal size of wheel) – 10%

2.Evolve F1 Street Wheels (107mm, 74a)

The Evolve 107s wheel which teamed up with Abec 11 to bring this wheel to the market.The size of it is 107*64mm,durometer is 74a.
Strong points :
You may able to compare this wheel with MBS AT,and from my opinion,to make a surface tyre and also increase the size to 107mm which is batter than MBS AT wheel.The 74a hardness will make batter passing ability.Meanwhile larger size to the wheel always increase the speed and if you owned Evolve board,fit with 32T and 38T drive gears will not less the torque.The ABEC 11 core will fit most of electric skateboards,not even Evolve boards
Disadvantages :
Maybe from my side,I think MBS At wheel can use for more road situations ,but relatively Evolve 107s will more use for city riding.(however they have much bigger off-road wheel)
Include the common failing to larger wheel,the price they set up which is higher than normal eboard’s wheel.
Real test date of mine :
Higher top speed (Compare with normal size of wheel) – 9%
Less range (Compare with normal size of wheel) – 14%

3.Boosted 105s electric skateboard wheel

The new boosted 105s which is specially for all boosted board use,the size is 105*65mm,and with durometer 72a.
Strong points :
As the newest boosted electric skateboard wheel,the suitable 105mm size and attractive logo design will let most of boosted board rider to upgrade their board.Compare with orangtang and MBS,this size which can increase the speed and also just caused less range to the board.
Also brand effect will make sure the popularity,the hollow pour technology bring the Maximum shock absorption (but actually not so amazing,just not common for eboard’s wheel)
Disadvantages :
Limitation of this wheel is what I thought,since like I said above,it might be the option for boosted rider,and only for them.Meanwhile the 72a hardness bring batter shock absorption and passing ability but will must make less range to the board,caused less service life is which the point you have to consider.The price they set might be higher,to a set of electric skateboard wheel.
Real test date of mine :
Higher top speed (Compare with normal size of wheel) – 8.3%
Less range (Compare with normal size of wheel) – 13%
While make this list,I heard that the bad news from Boosted board,and meanwhile it will make all boosted products to be “LIMITED”.It may become a most serious situation that most of boosted rider will not have a chance to get this and enjoy it…

4.MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels

The MBS AT longboard wheel,which normally designed for longboard,the size is 100*65mm,hardness 78a.
Strong points :
MBS All-Terrain longboard wheel was the best urban AT wheel to electric skateboard before…The off road design tyre and tread pattern can make the rider to ride not onlyin the city,make sure the eboard can across sand,glass and more other roads easily.The larger size of it which make your board “powerful” (larger wheel bring faster speed),
The ABEC 11 core can mount with most of electric skateboards.
Disadvantages :
Traditional logo design and color options which might not attractive.And 100mm size which is good for longboard rider to choose,but for smaller eboard,to use it might caused “wheel bite”.The larger wheel will bring faster speed,but less acceleration on the beginning of push your controller,might also caused less torque while climbing.
Real test date of mine :
Higher top speed (Compare with normal size of wheel) – 8%
Less range (Compare with normal size of wheel) – 12%

5.IWONDER Cloudwheel 120mm Urban All Terrain Off Road Electric Skateboard Wheel(SR 120mm Foamies)

The IWONDER cloudwheel which is a patent technology (damping core technology) electric skateboard wheel,the size is 120*64mm,durometer is 78a only.
Strong points :
To be honest,when I first see the image of this wheel,I am surprised since finally there are innovation to the eboard’s wheel.Not only at the size ,but also some new inside of wheel will bring rider much batter riding experience.
The damping core technology they made,which filters out most of the vibrations than the regular wheel,increase the passing ability and even less noise from belt drive.
The tread pattern and larger size which also increase the speed (introduced on MBS AT and boosted 105s) So it also can use for all terrain road and city road.
ABEC 11 core can suit for most of electric skateboards and they even made pulley to fit with boosted board core.(So generally speaking it can take the place of MBS AT and boosted 105s if you need the larger wheel)
Disadvantages :
The common failing like MBS and Boosted’s,the larger wheel always will short the range of board,and weaker acceleration on the beginning.The size also will make some small size eboards caused “wheel bite”,(but seems they use one more riser to solve it).The torque will be less is another point that you have to focus on (depending on different board and riders’feeling,and there is no data to prove it until now)
Real test date of mine :
Higher top speed (Compare with normal size of wheel) – 16%
Less range (Compare with normal size of wheel) – 15%

So according to these 5 types of electric skateboard wheel,they all have their own features,and this list is just a ranking of personal opinions. Don’t hesitate to contact me if something’s wrong or mislead information about Electric Skateboard Wheels.


Written by Lloyd Darlton-USA