As the one of best electric skateboard wheels around the market,i had got a chance to receive and test the Cloudwheel for now.And for this article,i would like to introduce share some points that from my experiences and real outside riding.

My board is SK-F ,dual belt drive electric skateboard which purchased from IWONDER,too.About 2 years ago,I was so surprised that IWONDER they had still improve themselves in Eboard area and that’s why I choose them.

To be honest,i was surprised when i first got the board and according but i sooner i felt that their might be a question that you guys may felt the same with me.The all riding experience was perfect,high speed and torque to climb the hill road,stronger speed up and braking which are all i loved.So you know i am not talking about the spec of this board but i found my feet got numb while riding for dozen of minutes.I am sure their is a common situation happen,right ?

So when i talked it to IWONDER,i got a response and also a set of new updated wheel from they.Here is the link of it :

cloudwheel blue color

They informed that “The CLOUDWHEEL With the damping foam core filters out most of the vibrations than the regular wheel."That’s the main reason that to solve the question i found and due to this design of wheel,a long-time riding will also make riders comfortable.Also i found that from the page : “The curved tread design makes the skateboard effectively increase the grip and anti-skid force of the wheel in the case of high-speed sliding” ,which also help a lot for riding for most roads in the city.(Maybe also suitable for many many roads,i am not sure since i most riding through normal road)

One more point is about the weight and size,i am amazed that the Cloudwheel is 120mm (bigger than normal 83mm and 90mm wheel),and just a bit heavier which I can accept.From their introduce,”Cloud wheels have a lower density and can float on the water, reducing torque consumption when starting electric skateboards compared to wheels of the same size”.

In terms of size, the Cloudwheel is the biggest Polyurethane wheels i searched and are truly brilliant for rolling over rough terrain and obstructions.Anyone who has ever ridden a skateboard, longboard, or electric skateboard will know the dangers of small rocks and stones. The bigger your wheels the more easily they roll over obstacles.By the way,the hardness of it is 78A.Soft wheel good for rough surfaces, designed for crusing, lngboards and hills. Wears out faster than a harder wheel.

According to these points,i think it is the best option for you guys,who had the belt drive motor electric skateboard,to update you wheels ! If you are not sure if your board is compatible,send a mail to them or find their on Facebook.(All i heard that the Boosted boards and Evolve boards are okay,but may need some adjustments ?)

Anyway i am always a big fan of IWONDER,since i really couldn’t imagine how riding my board  could be more fun,then i tried the Cloudwheel.(Sorry that i use it to office,riding instead of walking).And from my side,only feel less range than before,which is not so good,but I can accept it since I am more prefer riding experience ! (Charging my board which is not a problem for me) I may able to update more articles to share my experience of my board with Cloudwheel.Attached an image for you guys,the Blue color is awesome !

                                                                                                       Chuck Ashford-from USA