Sorry guys that I finally have time to start the writing the episode 2 of my Cloudwheel using experience.Due to the COVID-19,I was been told to stay at home for working and that’s why I get the time to write.And that’s what am I doing for now.

For several days outside riding (before they locked down the city),I was so excited and surprised about the top speed increased.For example of mine,I rided by my board,normally I ride out side on the road ,which can reach 35km/h (with 83mm pu wheel).While I mount with 120mm cloudwheel,I can see that the speed showed from remote screen to be 42km/h ! About raising 20% for top speed and I just feeling so carzy and unbelievable !

And talking about the top speed increasing,I also notice that the range which shorter than before.I had a real test that normally I am riding,start from my home to station,and then subway to another station ,then to the office.I ride a circle of once battery charged and for mine,the max range which is 20km,similar to their specification on website about my board.But however while I changed the Cloudwheel,i found that max range to be 17km,less about 15%.

That’s these two points both I felt from the real testing of Cloudwheel.Maybe this data not accurate enough but I think most of you guys feel the same if you also bought the Cloudwheel.And one of my friend Andrew informed me about “wheel bite” to his board (Boosted board Mini s,which his board with Cloudwheel),maybe I will clear about this point in next episode.

                                                                                                                Chuck Ashford-from USA