During all these days,it seems the situation here is still the same,so hardly to go outside to riding.I spent lots of time to browsing facebook to see more information about Eboard information and Cloudwheel.Because I love my Cloudwheel so much while it mount on my board,looks so pretty.So i am planning to buy another set of orange color. It is the color that I think is the most beautiful (except my light blue)

And I actually saw some reports and posts of crack issue there(luckily mine is still okay and the core is still strong enough) So for some reason I just got a bit worry about that,and I think maybe you have the same thought.But when I saw there is a post of new Cloudwheel Discovery version 120D few days ago.And while I saw their website update the Orange color,I was so surprised about it.So I made an order of it…

Talk about the Discovery version,from the description and I noticed that they updated the wheel core to be translucent and thicker spokes.Most of people said the crack start from wheel core from original Cloudwheel and the reason due to the material,so this time IWONDER changed it to be translucent wheel core and said they use “high strength composite”.So I am sure they stronger the wheel core and it makes feel much batter.For the thicker spokes,that it the main point that I would like to say since like my board,the original wheel pulley of ABEC,which can not use directly…Maybe you guys also have the same questions and doubts like me.

So I contact with IWONDER and understand that they are working on product the several wheel pulleys with different teeth and types to most of electric skateboards in the market(Like Boosted board,Evolve boards,Backfire board,Exway board and so on).Since consider about my situation,they are willing to send me the wheel pulley to match with my board and I also agree to make the review video and post of the new Orange color Cloudwheel Discovery version 120D.For now I am excited and can’t wait to receive the wheel and wheel pulley to real road testing.I am sure I will share my riding experience with next episode.

                                                                                         Written by Seraphin Parker from France