Last Friday I had seen the article written by Chuck Ashford,about the review of Cloudwheel from IWONDER.I was so surprised that with his post and article and it seems I can also write one about mine.The newest Cloudwheel 120D I just bought from their website.

Since I saw some difference between Discovery 120D and original Cloudwheel,the wheel core become transparent color and with thicker spoke.IWONDER said to me (and of course many of you) about the new wheel pulley to make 120D fit with brands eboard will be updated soon.But luckly I owned a DIY board and I made a wheel pulley through machine work,product by my friend Kato.So i have a chance to test that on my own.

Before that I would like to introduce my DIY board,that the deck is longboard type drop deck skateboard,with double kingpin trucks.Using Samsung 35E battery,which is 10s4p and a carbon fiber battery case.The dual belt motor is from the same supplier to Evolve board.The esc and controller kit from Hobbywing.All Chinese suppliers.So before I use 120D as the eboard wheels,I had used ABEC 11 107mm,bought from Evolve board.It feels not bad but I do not like the vibration,which make me feel numb in my feets.Also it may not suit for some tough roads.So it is my reason to bought the new set of Cloudwheel 120D.When I change my wheels to that.I can say to you that the disadvantages I said above are disappeared.

For vibration,I feel that it is much less on the same road I test and from description from IWONDER,the foam core design help a lot.And to some tough roads,like blinding roads on my street,I can across it very easy.With me,I usually ride my board to office and home,I also like riding in the park on weekend.That’s my situation as a common eboard rider.

Last but not least,I got a discount code from IWONDER because of this article and my review ,which sent to them.So maybe you guys can do it to,just my suggestion.

                                                                                                           Written by Masato Shiraishi