My weight 76 kg.

I got my 3X in February this year and I've clocked 600kms on it with 90 mm standard wheels from wowgo. As you all know, carving on 90mm is amazing. And I couldn't be happier with the 3X as is.

Did my second ride today with the cloud wheels on, with no extra washers than what comes with the standard 120mm cloud wheel purchase.

Happy to confirm there is no wheel bite

Comparative with the 90 mm standard 3X wheel, the 120mm offers A LOT more ride comfort. I dread riding on concrete slates and cobblestones on 90mm.

With the cloud wheels. It feels extremely smooth on tarmac, 50% better on side walks, a lot better on cobble stones. Overall a very happy purchase.

There are a lot of talks about cloud wheels' construction and how it cracks. I cannot say whether it would but I got the discovery version. I hope it does not crack, and I'll keep you all appraised if it does.

The turning radius has increased and it makes the reverse king pin a little bit more mobile (compared to double king pin).

The height of the board increased slightly ~30mm. Better clearance for sure.

Torque. I am 76 kg and I found that I could go on mode 3 and still tackle 25% gradient. However, there is a little loss in torque. I estimate 7-10% loss. For 30% gradient with my weight it couldn't accelerate as fast as i used to. However I find it a worthy sacrifice for ride comfort. No one tackles 30% gradient all the time.

Breaking. The hobbywing esc is amazing. I could literally break and skid on 90mm. With cloud wheels, the braking performance is still amazing. You can get to a complete stand still on 5% gradient. I consider this good. Loss in braking power 5% or so?

Ride comfort. I would ride 120mm any day. Love the 90mm. But you know the saying, once you go 120mm you never go back. I rode 10km today on rough roads, and noticed considerably less vibration. Loaded van guard took the brunt of whatever the cloud wheels couldn't.

Distance, to be advised. I didn't bring my phone to check my distance (the controller's reading is now completely off)

Fair warning though. The speed limit increase is substantial and the rolling distance also increased as well.

Overall I find that the cloud wheels with 3X an amazing experience.

I only wish that I had a 10s4p battery and more torque to compensate any loss in distance.

Again I can't speak for any product fault. So far my 3X and the cloud wheels are both amazing.

If you're heavier, say 80kgs, you might find that the motor is not big enough to compensate the lack of torque. This is something to consider.

Peace out.

웡 주쿤

From Australia.