Dear Cloudwheel users,

There is one consumer’s case reported to us that the hub broke on March 26,2020

We took first action to contact the consumer Mr.RS to give us more detail.
Below context is from the email he sent to us.

We’ve asked Mr.RS to send the wheel back to us for further investigation, he’s glad to help us to solve this issue.


At the same time, we listed some possibilities that may cause this issue:

  • Pulley choose

To put bolts pulley on Cloudwheel, the contact surface is too small that cause uneven force on hub, accelerated damage. Especially when the skateboard start and brake.


  • Bearing replace

Customer replace the bearings too violent, cause some small cracks on the hub. with riding, the cracks become bigger.

  • Hub material quality

Quality is our most concern, we had system tests before we sell on market. Due to Mr.RS’s issue has caused widespread discussion on some forum. We took one random wheel from our stock to go through all the tests again. It came out qualified. To many Esk8ers who may concern, we post some video here about how we did the tests.



For this issue,we will dig more after we receive Mr.RS ‘s wheel. And we will post the updates.

Some tips for our Cloudwheel users:

1)Cloudwheel hub is ABEC type, fit for ABEC type pulley.

    you can buy the pulley from official shop.

    We will consider the situation if customers want to use Kegal type pulley on Cloudwheel in the future.

    2)  Install the wheels correctly, don’t forget spacers when replace the bearings.

    3)  Check your wheels before you ride, always wear safety protections!


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    For aftersales issue, reach us at .We will reply within 24 hours.


    For other problem,contact us as your convenient.



    Facebook: @iwonderpower



    Stay safe,stay healthy.

    IWonder Team

    March 30, 2020